Thursday, January 18, 2018

Recognition Award Information

Weston Dads Foundation Recognition Awards Description

The purpose of the awards is to encourage an exemplary behavior, and to recognize and reward excellence in the categories of charity/community service, education and sportsmanship.

There are two age specific awards in each category depending on the applicants grades: Kindergarten-8th grades and 9th-12th grades.


Important deadlines:

Applications deadline July 15th.

The scholarship awards are given and the awardees recognized at the Black Tie event September.

Qualified applicants:

Weston public school students or Weston Residents in Kindergarten-12th grade.

Awards amount:

Kindergarten-8th grade: $100-500.

9th-12th grades: $250-1000.

In the event the applicants do not meet the standards necessary to receive the awards, the scholarships will not be awarded.

Selection Criteria:

Recognition Award for Community Service/Charity

  • This award will be given to motivate, reward and highlight excellence on the behalf of the girls, boys and youth who have demonstrated a strong and consistent desire to support and continue to support others who are less fortunate and in need of help.  
  • An applicant’s community service work can be in or outside of Weston, MA, and can support children or adults of all ages.
  • An applicant must intend to use the scholarship to further their efforts to support and continue their work in the community.
  • Application Requirements
  1. Two references that are familiar with the applicant’s community service work that the WDF can contact to learn more about their charitable efforts.
  2. A summary of up to 1 page which details the following:
  • History of their work (when did they start? Is it still on going? Hours per week and/or month spent on the community service work?)
  • Why they have chosen to spend their time with this community service activity? Why it is meaningful to them and those they help? What has it helped to teach them and potentially others?
  • Has your work encouraged anyone else such as classmates, friends, family, etc. to become involved in the community service activity?
  • How will the award be used to continue their work to help others in need?
  • Please feel free to add any additional materials or thoughts that you feel they could be helpful to your application.


Recognition Award for Education:

  • This will be awarded to excellent students with good standing and grades who are distinguished in their classes and education endeavor.
  • Application requirements:
  1. The applicant should be a role model and able to motivate his/her classmates and friends.
  2. The applicant needs to demonstrate efforts that go beyond the school program and invent “out of the box” ideas regarding science and other educational projects exhibiting intellectual curiosity.
  3. It is desirable if the applicant is able to show previous significant achievements or awards.
  4. The applicants need to describe what they are planning to use the award for.
  5. Please feel free to add any additional materials or thoughts that you feel they could be helpful to your application.





Recognition Award for Sportsmanship:

  • This award will be presented to students who exemplify outstanding sportsmanship and character in athletic competition.
  • Application requirements:
  1. The candidates should be nominated for embodying the ideals and values of sportsmanship: honesty, integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness, and compassion.
  • Greatest consideration will be given to nominees who demonstrate a track record of sportsmanship and respect directed at opponents, officials and the spirit of the game. Nominees and their letters of recommendation should cite specific examples in which the candidate displayed extraordinary selflessness, and kindness to the benefit of non-teammate.
  1. The candidates will be evaluated for their approach and character in competition.
  2. Please feel free to add any additional materials or thoughts that you feel they could be helpful to your application.

Application process:

Please send the completed application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or mail to:

Weston Dads Foundation

PO Box 113
Weston, MA 02493

- Application form.

- Two letters of recommendations/references; preferably organization, coach, teacher or other persons relevant to the award, which the applicant is applying for.

- Summary of the applicant background, motivation and the project.

Selection Process:

The WDF award committee and WDF president will review of the applications, letters and essays.

If a conflict of interest arises, the committee member involved should recuse himself from the decision process.